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M Squared Enterprises builds custom software so that you get exactly what you want.  We can customize existing M Squared Enterprises  software or build brand new programs for you.  M Squared Enterprises  specializes in several programming languages and platforms to bring you the best support and service to build what you need whether its PC, Mac, or handheld we can build it.  If the software below doesn't interest you contact us to see if we can build your desired software.
Some software that M Squared Enterprises  currently offers:
Invoicing2   $79.95 
Invoicing2 is an online business application that allows you to manage your clients and invoices on the go.  By being able to access your business information online you can generate invoices and print checks where ever you are without having to run back to the office.
Some Invoicing2 features are:
  • On the fly invoicing.
  • On the fly check writing.
  • Check your invoice status wherever you are.
  • Send your clients their invoice through email, saving paper.
  • Search by invoice, customer, or date range.
  • Set custom pricing and due dates.
  • All through a Secure Connection via the internet.
Invoicing2 brings the internet and the business world together to help you manage on the go.
M2 Upload   $5.00/Month  $20/Set-up fee
M2 Upload is an Active Server component which enables an ASP application to accept, save and manipulate files uploaded with a browser. The files are uploaded via an HTML POST form with one or more tags.
  • M2 Features Full ADO support.
  • Ability to upload multiple files at once.
  • Access to text items on the form.
  • Ability to save files in the database.
  • Support for MS Access OLE Object headers.
  • Ability to export files from the database.
  • Ability to put a limit on the size of files being uploaded.
  • Encryption support.
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